The Project

The CADEMO Project

CADEMO will introduce floating wind foundations especially designed to address the deep waters off the coast of California. Floating offshore wind is an evolving technology that has the potential for reduced foundation material, shortened installation and decommissioning periods, and the capability to significantly expand offshore wind generation by accessing waters deeper than 160 feet.

CADEMO’s turbines will be visually similar to conventional onshore wind turbines, but will be taller and will feature larger blades to produce higher generation capacities. Each turbine will be capable of generating 12-15 megawatts (MW) of renewable electricity for a maximum project capacity of up to 60 MW.

The four wind turbines will be connected with inter-array cables, and a subsea export cable will be installed under the seafloor to an onshore cable landing site at Vandenberg. An onshore overhead power line will be installed from the landing site to a new substation located adjacent to PG&E’s existing Surf Substation.

The location

The project will be located about 2.8 miles off Point Arguello, adjacent to Vandenberg Space Force Base. The location is unique to California’s 840 miles of coastline:

  • It has good wind conditions.
  • It does not have proximity to housing areas and thus has very little visual impact on local residents, and the closest accessible location for the public is 8.3 miles away.
  • It does not overlap any sanctuary or natural-resource protected area.
  • The adjacent coastline is not a wilderness or scenic area – instead it is part of a military-industrial space launch complex under control of the U.S. Department of Defense, with strictly limited access for civilians.
  • The project site is accepted by the Defense Department and Vandenberg base authorities.
  • It provides exposure to many fish and wildlife species also present in deeper federal waters of the Morro Bay auction area.
  • It is close to shore to allow scientists and researchers easy access to environmental testing, equipment and mitigation measures.
  • The location has nearby available electrical grid connections.


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