Pioneering California’s Offshore Wind Future

The CADEMO 60 MW project is opening a new path for California’s clean energy: next-generation technology, environmental best practices, and union jobs five years ahead of projects in federal waters.

The Project
Climate Action

Meeting California’s 2030 goals


Validating fish & wildlife impact and mitigation measures

Workforce Development

High Road Partnership for training and new California jobs

Supply Chain

Accelerating local industry and port improvements

Why offshore wind power for California?

Offshore wind power is a key component of California’s strategy of moving to 100 percent renewable energy. Not only can offshore wind be deployed in multi-gigawatt scale, but the winds off the coast peak in the evening, thus filling the gap caused by the daily end of solar power generation. For these reasons, the state’s energy resource plans include offshore wind as a necessary step to enable the state to meet its climate goals under SB100. CADEMO will kick-start the offshore wind industry on the U.S. West Coast well ahead of the much larger, multi-gigawatt deployments in federal waters, thus allowing new information and lessons learned to benefit the larger developments.

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Who we are

Floventis, the project developer, is a joint venture between Cierco, a longtime pioneer of onshore and offshore wind energy, and SBM Offshore, a major global producer of floating offshore energy systems. Floventis plans to have CADEMO operational several years ahead of the projects in federal waters, providing a new source of renewable energy for California ratepayers and contributing to the state’s efforts to create a 100 percent carbon-free electricity supply by 2045.

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Who we are

Cierco is an independent renewable energy project development company. It was established in 2001 with a simple goal – to engage in the field of offshore wind power and to drive technologies and projects that would compete with directly with the cost levels of conventional power. Cierco uses its expertise to identify which innovative technologies will maximize economic and environmental benefits in any given location.

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Who we are

SBM Offshore is a world leader in floating offshore energy. It takes projects, from design and supply to installation and operation, extending products’ lifespan wherever possible. Its ability to harness energy on, in and below the world’s waters positions it as a global leader in renewable energy development. As we transition from oil and gas to wind and wave, SBM Offshore is uniquely placed to drive the changes needed.

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California Central Coast – an ideal location for a pilot project

The process toward creating CADEMO started with a detailed, statewide assessment of state waters (I.e. within three miles of the coast) that evaluated all marine sanctuaries and protected areas, viewshed, water depth, wind and electrical interconnectivity. This study concluded that the Vandenberg offshore area is California’s only possible site for a pilot project.

Testing and
proving the future

The location of our cutting-edge, next-generation
project is fittingly futuristic – offshore Vandenberg
Space Force Base, the site of space and missile
launches from the military, NASA and SpaceX. Just as
the fiery launches are proving the next generation of
space flight, CADEMO will be proving the next
generation of renewable ocean energy.

As the first project of its kind in California, CADEMO will produce detailed, granular test results about the environmental impacts, technology options, workforce needs, supply chain options, and port facilities needed for offshore wind development in the state. Put simply, desktop studies, white papers, government and industry projections cannot compare to real-world turbines spinning on the ocean. California needs a pilot project before taking the gamble of suddenly putting hundreds of turbines in the new Pacific Ocean environment.

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